Friday, April 18, 2014

Nancy Totten Appalachian Infinity Scarf With Breathless DK

Nancy Totten learned to knit from her mother and grandmother while growing up in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.  

She worked as a nurse while knitting for pleasure and raising one daughter.  Currently living in Colorado, she is now designing knitwear and accessories.  
Her love of vintage stitch patterns is incorporated into the Appalachian Infinity Scarf which uses Shalimar Breathless DK.  "When I first felt the yarn, I was in love with it.  I wanted a scarf that was luxurious, would show off the yarn, use a vintage stitch pattern and allow the wearer to feel cuddled by the yarn.  I think the Appalachian Infinity Scarf in Tamarillo creates that experience."

"My day isn’t complete if I haven’t knit something"  

Thank you Nancy for creating such a beautiful design with Shalimar Breathless DK.

Ravelry nannyknitter 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marnie MacLean designs for Shalimar

Marnie's generous design hand created two designs for the Shalimarch anniversary celebration.  Thank You so much.  

This mitten and hat pair is called Willowherb uses Enzo Worsted.  These mittens have a fun story she writes about on her blog.  

 Estival is a stunning two color lace shawl.  
It can be created from Zoe, Breathless, Paulie or Homage - the collection of fingering weight from Shalimar.  Marnie has shared other brilliant color options with us in another blog post.  

The Shalimarch celebration was not the first time Marnie designed with Shalimar yarns.  This is Arctium using Breathless.  

This is Cowl and hat set is Treillage using Haven.

Marnie MacLean lives in Portland, Oregon with her three rescued dogs and her husband. She has been designing for over a decade and has a large library of free and for-sale patterns on her website, She is also a production assistant and designer for Twist Collective

Marnie, Thanks for sharing your designs with all the fans of Shalimar yarns.  We hope to see more.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Angela Hahn, The Oscilla Wrap for ShaliMarch

May I introduce you to Angela Hahn.  

Angela  designed the Oscilla Wrap in Enzo Worsted.  She choose the Silver Sage color way.  She blogs about the design of the wrap here.  

My eyes are drawn to the elegant, curvaceous,  horizontal lines that surround around the shoulders.   Beautiful to be sure, yet it is a practical piece as the Enzo blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon blend will wear well and keep us warm.   It will knit back and forth like a scarf, with short rows creating this curved shape - somewhat less intimidating than some shawls that have so many stitches on the needles.  The more I study it, the more I love it.  

Thank You Angela.

In 2005, after practicing for many years as a small animal veterinarian, Angela Hahn decided to practice knitwear design instead. From 2006-2009 she lived with her family in Como, Italy, where  she was inspired by the many styles of architectural ornament, and by the Italian love of fashion. 

She began publishing knitting patterns while still living in Italy; her designs have appeared in Interweave Knits, Vogue Knits, Twist Collective,, knit.1, knit.wear, and in a number of books. Look for more of her designs in upcoming issues of Interweave Knits, Twist Collective, Jane Austen Knits, and Enchanted Knits. 

Texture and lace worked in unexpected directions, unusual methods of shaping, and decreases and increases worked into stitch patterns - these are some of the elements that she enjoys using in her designs. She is presently working on the fourth in a series of designs inspired by the Chinese zodiac: after completing designs for the Years of the Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake, she is finding it a bit of a challenge to come up with an original yet wearable idea for the Year of the Horse. 

Her self-published patterns can be found on her designer page on Ravelry,, and on her website,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Melissa Schaschwary designs with Breathless DK

Melissa lives in the Midwest with her husband, 2 sweet little girls and a few animals that complete their one-ring circus. Designing is one of Melissa’s favorite creative outlets and she enjoys all of the wonderful people and opportunities it has brought into her life.

Memoirs, a fresh hat and mitt design includes lace and buttons.  Melissa knit a wonderful story into these two pieces.  Her Grandparents are honored in the words of design inspiration on her blog.  I'm so glad I read it.

KnitorDie created a fresh version with Juniper Berry.

JaimeNC created an elegant version in Buttermilk

I think I have just the right bit of lace in the wooden box in the corner. The button box is full of treasures.   The vintage lace and button look is charming me.

Melissa, Thank You so much for sharing your design.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

Alicia Plummer designs with Shalimar Breathless

Alicia Plummer, AliciaPlum on Ravelry, has joined the list of designers that have generously contributed to ShaliMarch - an anniversary celebration of Shalimar yarns.  Thank you Alicia for joining the festivities.

She has created Et Frais, a set of fingerless mitts knit in Shalimar Breathless.

This textured stitch highlights the best of hand dyed yarns.  They will knit up quickly, in time for spring's blustery days.  The pattern is $2.00 until April 10.

Alicia is warm, loving, and disorganized.  She home schools, and then stays up too late at night knitting.  She's blessed with an amazing husband and two sweet girls who are supportive of her knitting habit.  Her favorite aspect of designing is weaving a story into the stitches of a piece, and seeing how those stories translate when others knit her patterns and make them their own.  She believes every single person has beauty, and value.  Her favorite things to do for fun are playing with her kids, kayaking, holy yoga, praying, and reading the Bible--as well as cheering on Michigan with her husband during March Madness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nancy Drew, crochet designer

There are so many talented knitters and crocheter working with Shalimar Yarns.  Let's meet one.

Nancy Drew 

First of all, let me explain my name.  I got the moniker, Nancy Drew, through marriage.  I’ll bet you didn’t know that the real Nancy Drew is a retired granny, who drives a red minivan, and the only mysteries she solves involve a crochet hook.  On Ravelry and on my blog at, I go by YarnPumpkin.

My love of crochet started over 50 years.  I was taught by my mother, who was a threadie and made the most beautiful tablecloths.  Actually, I don’t think there was anything she couldn’t crochet.  I’ve always loved crafting and art.  When I took an early retirement from a very stressful corporate job, I opened an art studio and taught painting for several years.  When painting became my full time job, crochet was my way to relax.  It still is today.  I totally love it.  I think you can say I’m obsessed. 
I started publishing my patterns in May 2013, but I’ve been designing since I was a child making doll clothes.  Inspiration for my designs comes from many places.  I love flowers and nature, and those things are often featured in my designs.  Sometimes it’s a beautiful skein of yarn or rich color that sends me off to the sketch pad.

Usually all my designs start the same way, with a sketch pad and swatches….lots of swatches. I have a daily planner with a monthly calendar and tabs for my project ideas and planning.  I keep sketches and notes there, and save photos, magazine clippings, and anything else that catches my attention or inspires me.  One thing I learned from painting is not to discard an idea too soon.  Set it aside for a few days and come back to it later.  Often when I come back, I find things aren’t really as bad as I thought, or the problems have an easy fix. 

Designing has really deepened my love of yarn crafts.  Sometimes I want to create my own design, and other times I want to relax and just crochet.  I love that I can do both.  I feel designing and crochet in general keep my mind young.  As a granny, that’s important.  Some people like video games, crossword puzzles, or Luminosity.  Just give me a crochet hook and a lovely skein of yarn, and I’m good.    

Monday, March 24, 2014

Signs of Spring

Written by Julie, on the first Monday of Spring

This is the first morning of the long winter that the morning light has woke me up.  What a joy! I’m an early riser.  Rising in the dark has it’s own rhythm of quiet, an easy gentle start to the day.  But today, there was light and a bonus of birds singing as I let our Sheltie, Sadie out.  While we still battle a few snow flakes and the threat of freezing rain, I feel the changes coming.  The seasonal turn that those of us that live in the Midwest love.

March has been filled with a renewed interest in crochet. 
A new pattern popped up in the Shalimar Ravelry thread by Nancy L Drew  She has designed Garbo    We will have a chance to get to know Nancy a bit better soon.   I am intrigued by the challenge of getting the  garden gate type pattern even and then onto the edging and fringe.  The fringe has beads....shiny, sparkling beads.  
The design uses two skeins of Breathless, a quantity I just luckily happen to have in my stash in the fresh spring color Melba.  The Ravelry chatter started and off we were on another collaborative project.  I ordered the crochet hook others loved.  Mine are almost all hand-me-downs from my Grandmother.  The new hook has a soft touch handle. 
I cast on and worked a couple rows, raveled and tried again.  The skills were a bit rusty.  The next attempt was much easier and a bit more even.  It still felt a bit loose so I worked two more repeats with Grandma’s hook, one size smaller.  Now that looks better and feels surprisingly more comfortable in my hands.  The swatch went into the soak bath, dried in a towel and air dried, blocked only by hand.  
I hunted down just the right bag from MichelleinMaine ThreeBagsFull. 

I found some beads I had purchased on an impulse and located the tiny tiny hook I need to place those beads later.  

Moving through the days of March, as busy as they were, I've made progress.   The chatter of the threads have been a gentle nudge to keep my hands working on this project.  I'm grateful that that hands seem to "remember" how to crochet. There are new tools to try as I work along.  (More on that a bit later.)  For now, I am content to work away this gorgeous spring color as the snowflakes fall once again outside my window.  But these are spring snowflakes....we know they are just a fleeting bit of beauty.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ravellenic Games!

Today are the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi and in the world of knit and crochet the Ravellenic Games begin!  We have a thread for Team Shalimar in our group where you can post your Ravellenic project and get inspiration.  Pull up a chair, have a cup of cocoa, get ready to cast on and cheer for TEAM USA in Sochi!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ready, Set, Ship!

Photo: Our next Ready, Set, Ship update is coming right up!

Dear Friends, 

It's been 7 wonderful years now since we started with the very small idea of producing hand dyed luxury yarns for my (then) yarn shop customers. Several years ago, we closed our yarn shop to focus full-time on nurturing this idea, expanding our line with care, and continuing to grow and diversify our offerings. You, our customers, are the reason for our passion and our persistence. 

During the month of March, we will be celebrating in our Ravelry group - with KAL/CAL's, prizes, new patterns introduced by some of our favorite designers, new colorways and new yarns. Please join in the celebration!
We're launching our first RSS of 2014 with an exciting 
NEW Yarn! 
Introducing Enzo Aran - as awesome as its' Enzo siblings...light and lofty with great shine and stitch definition. 
200 yds, 4-4.5 sts/in
70% SW Merino/20% Cashmere/10% Nylon - $29

Wed. January 29th, 12 noon EST  
We'll have the following yarns Ready to Ship: 
*All yarns will ship within 36 hours
Thanks for supporting small, independent fiber-arts businesses! 



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